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Keynote Speakers


Prof. Madeline Román

Madeline Roman is a full professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in San Juan Puerto Rico.She has obtained her Masters and  Ph.D in Sociology from the State University of New York. She is the Director of the Research Institute on Violence and Complexity whose main project is the Mobile Observatory for the Study of Violence (www. observatoriomovil.com). She is the author of Estallidos: polisemia y polimorfia del derecho y la violencia, 2006 (Bursts: polysemy and polymorphism of law and violence), Lo criminal y otros relatos de ingobernabilidad, 1998 (The Criminal and other Narratives of Ungovernability) and Estado y criminalidad en Puerto Rico: un abordaje criminológico alternativo, 1994 (State and Crime in Puerto Rico: an alternative criminological approach).


Prof. Ludo Veny

Professor of Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, University of Gent

Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Political Science, Free University of Brussels
Ph. D in Law, Free University of Brussels,
President of the Pupils Right Commission, Flemish Community of Belgium (2003-untill now)
Prof. Ludo works as an Expert for the Council of Europe on ‘Education and Minorities’ and ‘Screening and monitoring Education Legislation in Armenia, Azerbeidjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine


International Scientific Committee


Prof. Ludo M. VENY ( Belgium)

Dr.Jackie Mapulanga-Hulston (Australia)

Prof. Tennyson Samraj ( Canada)

Prof. Cher Weixia Chen ( USA)

Prof. Risa Morimoto  ( United Kingdom)

Prof. Dilek  ÖZKÖK-ÇUBUKÇU (Turkey)

Prof. Donathan Brown (USA)

Prof. N.S. Cooray ( Japan)

 Prof. Michael Kyobe ( South Africa)

Prof. Tibor Tajti  ( Nigeria )

Dr. Maria Aluas (Rumania)

Prof. Madeline Román (Puerto Rico)



Conference Faculty

Prof.Michael Kyobe

Professor of Information Systems,

Deputy Dean for Research,

University of Cape Town, South Africa

 Prof. Ludo M. VENY

Chairman Department of Public Law

Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Cher Weixia Chen

Assistant Professor

International Studies and Legal Studies

New Century College,

George Mason University, United States


Associate Professor,

Faculty of Political Sciences,

Ankara University, Turkey