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Interdisciplinary Legal Studies 2017


Ghent University  ACADEMIC PARTNER  -Department of Administrative Law of the Ghent University, Belgium



We encourage submissions from disciplines intersecting with law including Cultural studies, Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Anthropology,Geography, Political science, History, Gender studies  and Philosophy. Participants are encouraged to  submit papers on historical, contemporary and future problems  including  following sub themes


Business (Corporate) Law

Public Law

Civil Law

Human Rights Law

Criminal Law

Sports & Entertainment Law

Family Law

Health Law

Immigration Law

Intellectual Property Law

International Law

Maritime Law

Bankruptcy Law

Labor (Employment) Law

Cyber Law

Education Law



Legal Systems & Criminology
  • International Drug distribution , Crime and justice
  • International Terrorism networks
  • Globalization and Power balances
  • Gender, Sex  and the Law
  • Criminal Psychology & Law
  • Cyber law & international crime 
  • The Social Psychology of Violence and Crime
  • Money laundering & Corporate Criminal Liability
  • Criminal Justice & perception  
Socio-legal Perspectives 
  • Global Poverty, Inequality and Crime
  • Globalization , Law and Socioeconomic Development
  • Latest Technology and social  Transformation
  • Migration Law and Immigration  Policies
  • Corporate Governance and CSR
  • Cultural Diversity and Law
  • Human Rights and Civil Liabilities
  • Sociology of Race and Ethnicity  
International Politics and Legal systems
  • Global Security & Peace
  • Environment and Climate Change law
  • Global Justice  &  Governance
  • Politics of International Law 
  • The Political Economy of Globalization
  • Global Migration, human rights & Law
Law  and  Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Law and Public Administration
  • Law and Social sciences
  • Law and Economics
  • Law and Historical studies
  • Law and  Psychology
  • Gender, Armed Conflict and International Law
  • Migration, Gender and Law




Medical Sciences and the Law 
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Health Policies & governance
  • Law and Human Genetics
  • Forensic legal Science
  • Forensic Computing and digital Evidence
  • Human Rights and Health Law
  • Global  Public Health Law and Ethics



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